How to Use the Fitness Trampoline

fitness trampolineThe fitness trampoline is one of the exciting fitness equipment which is considered to give its exercise enthusiasts a great workout in so many ways. It will definitely – and literally – make your exercising days bounce. Many online fitness sites which feature fitness tips and trends clearly describe the different benefits of this wonderful and simple exercise machine.


Bouncing Benefits

Better than jogging. Most fitness experts see the fitness trampoline as rivaling the simple cardiovascular exercises of jogging and running because of the bouncing techniques by the user which has various benefits. They say that jogging has that distinct downside of being physically more stressful than bouncing, which is definitely more enjoyable. The stress on the lower limbs and legs of a runner or jogger can take quite a toll to the exercise enthusiast; as opposed to the trampoline bouncer who transfers such stress to the equipment itself by as much as 80%, thereby freeing the weight-bearing joints from too much fatigue and stress,

Here are some more health benefits of the fitness trampoline:

  • Tones and firms the muscles
  • Gives the heart a good cardiovascular workout
  • Greatly stimulates your metabolism
  • Adds energy and vitality
  • Increases the user’s lung capacity for oxygen intake
  • Enhances the circulation of the lymph through the glands
  • Greatly enhances your sense of balance
  • Circulation of oxygen to tissues is enhanced also


Trampoline Workout Exercises

Here are some of the trampoline workout exercises which you may use. It is very important to consult your doctor for his recommendations. Also, it will be always be a good exercise policy to warm-up first before taking on any physical challenge. Trampoline bouncing may be fun, but it is more enjoyable if you keep to your safety limits and not hit your head right out the roof, so to speak.

The Bounce. Of course, the basic bounce is very important to a beginning trampoline user. First, stand on the center of the trampoline with your feet about 5 to 6 inches apart. Next, bend your arms and knees; make sure your elbows are set at your sides. Try to bounce lightly first and feel out the equipment’s rebound to your weight. Do not get too excited and begin to bounce as hard as you can. Try the light bouncing technique for 40 or more repetitions.

The Prance. The prancing exercise is done by first doing the initial steps of the bounce. Instead of just lightly bouncing, try to put your hands on your hips and hop. Then, try to raise your knees interchangeably to produce the prancing effect. Repeat for 40 or more times.


fitness trampoline

Exploring While Exercising

The fitness trampoline is one of the simple yet exciting exercise equipment which leaves you a large room for your fitness imagination. This means that you can explore other ways to enjoy your trampoline experience while still taking advantage of its health and fitness benefits.

Many fitness trampoline instructors encourage enthusiasts to gradually raise their trampoline exercises by joining group trampoline exercises and, later on, to bigger or regular-sized trampolines which offer more acrobatic and aerobic challenges as well.

Many fitness websites offer pages on resources which share basic tips and techniques on the use of the fitness trampoline and other fitness equipment as well.


More about the Fitness Trampoline

So you’re interested in training with the fitness trampoline? You can check out the video below to see Kevin Kearns explain more features and also see some people train on it.

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