The 5 Best Adjustable Ankle Weights for Stronger Legs

For those who plan on strengthening and toning their leg muscles an ideal piece of gym equipment to use are ankle weights. Ankle weights are tiny pouches that are filled with either water, sand or metal to make them heavy and aid users in their endurance and strength training. As the name suggests, these weighted pouches are strapped and secured around the ankles.

A Table of the Best Wrist and Ankle Weights

Ankle Weights by All ProAll Pro$$5 pounds each4.5 Stars
Adjustable Wrist WeightsDa Vinci$$5 pounds each4.5 Stars
Ankle Weights by ReebokReebok$$$2.5 pounds each3.5 Stars
Valeo Ankle WeightsValeo$$$up to 10 pounds each!4 Stars
Thera Band AnkleThera-Band$2.5 pounds each4.5 Stars

Best Adjustable Ankle Weights to Buy

To get more in-depth information about the different ankle weights, the following information will give you an idea on what each one can bring. This will help you have a brief idea on what you’ll be getting and what to expect from these brands/products.


1. All Pro Ankle Weights

Ankle Weights by All ProThis wrist and ankle weight performs like a true champion once you put in the 5lb pair. The All Pro weight provides a friction-free comfort, can fit anyone, is adjustable and has a special stress-free heel section to prevent any harm to your Achilles tendon. This is used for wellness, fitness and rehab. Also, its patented design allows you to do a wide range of motion to go over any type of challenge.


  • 5lb each ankle weight for wellness, fitness and rehab
  • Model: 400ADJ
  • Weight adjustable
  • Premium quality weights that is made for safety and comfort
  • Contour Foam cushioned support
  • Patented design allows freedom of movement
  • Touch fastener closure
  • It comes with 20 weights (1/2 lbs. each) to be added or removed whenever desired
  • Cushioned flaps will protect your ankles and keep the weights secure


2. Da Vinci Adjustable Weights for ankles and wrists

Adjustable Wrist WeightsIf you are looking for ankles/wrists weights with a very high quality, then this is the ideal choice for you. They are a great addition to your workout because of how easy and efficient they are to use. You can put them on with ease and to think that they are adjustable makes it even more appropriate because you can loosen or tighten them at any time. The weights on these are just perfect and it makes your workout more like a pleasure instead of the other way around.


  • A pair of varying weights according to their color Blue (2×1.5lbs), Orange (2x1lbs), Light Green (2x2lbs), Green (2x5lbs) or Yellow (2x3lbs)
  • Soft cloth interior that can easily absorb moisture
  • Adjustable Velcro bands for easy adjustment and create the perfect fit


3. Reebok Ankle Weight Sets

Ankle Weights by ReebokMake your workout more intense with the help of Reebok Ankle Weight Sets. This heavy-duty nylon blend adjustable weights can cope up with your daily workout needs and weighs up to 5 or 10 lbs. as a set.

You will be able to build up your strength and have good muscle tone on your legs and glutes whenever you add this up to your fitness regimen. It comes with an anatomically correct design to improve the fit around your ankle with the help of its hook-and-loop closed and it will be well-protected with the help of the manufacturer’s warranty.

You can adjust the weight by adding or removing weighted inserts so that you have total control over the intensity of your training. It also has a comfortable design that adapts to your body while the secure enclosures will keep the weights in place. This is definitely great for increasing the calorie burn especially when you do lower body exercises. Through this equipment, your workouts will be more effective, you will build strength faster, and have good tone on the muscles on your glutes, legs and thighs.


  • Two – 2.5lbs or two – 5lb adjustable ankle weights
  • Comfort-fit design that conforms to any type of body structure
  • Manufactured from heavy-duty nylon blend
  • Well-secured closure that will keep the weights in place while you workout


4. Valeo Ankle Weights

Valeo Ankle WeightsYou can increase the intensity of your workout by putting on the Valeo Ankle Weights on your wrist or ankles. This is the best way that you can build your strength while walking, jogging, stepping or doing some low-impact aerobic exercises.

It is a great way of adding weight-resistance training while you do your normal day-to-day activities. If you wear this on your wrist while you walk, jog or aerobicize, then you will develop upper body strength.

When you wear this on your ankles, then you will build strength and tone your leg muscles while you do your low-impact aerobic exercises or during calisthenics. The great thing about the Valeo Ankle Weights is that they will tailor to your exact fitness needs. The weight sleeves have a self-gripping closure which makes it easy for you to add or remove the weights when needed be. The weights are also well-padded to provide comfort and contain an adjustable metal D-ring double-strap closure system to enable a perfect fit adjustment on your ankles or wrists.


  • Putting these weights on your wrists or ankles will provide an effective challenge while you do your cardio training
  • It is well-padded for total comfort
  • It uses dual metal D-rings for its closures
  • Durable and easy-to-use weights for your ankles or wrists
  • Can be configured between 2 to 10 lbs. each
  • The total weight combined is around 10 lbs.


5. Thera-Band Ankle/Wrist Cuff Weights

Thera Band AnkleIf you are into home-exercise programs then the Thera-Band Ankle/Wrist Cuff Weights is perfect for you. These weights are available in 3 different coded colors wherein red has two 1lb weights, green has two 1.5lb weights and blue has two 2.5lb weights.

These weights allow the user to increase the weight during their strength and rehabilitation programs without the need of changing the technique which is an important principle for progressive exercises. Apart from the upper and lower body strengthening exercises, these weight straps can be used to increase balance training or stabilization exercises. This is ideal for rehabilitation and sports training and is considered as a valuable tool for chiropractors, physical therapists, personal trainers, athletic trainers and their clients/patients.


  • Sleek neoprene exterior
  • Each ankle/wrist weight weighs at 1 lb. each
  • Soft terrycloth interior that can easily absorb moisture and is non-abrasive
  • Reflective trim that provides extra safety for outdoor use
  • The adjustable strap will provide easy adjustment on your wrist or ankle so that you will have a customizable fit



A lot of health experts and trainers agree than running with these weights strapped to your ankle can cause serious injuries to your knees but still, they are very effective during any resistance training exercises. Ankle weights are a valuable piece of equipment for your resistance training that works perfectly well during leg lifts.

The exercises that you normally do can benefit from the extra work that you need to lift the weights without putting unnatural stress to your joints. Apart from the leg lifts, the ankle weights can provide significant improvement to the effectiveness of your pull-ups and bicycle crunches. If you use these weights properly, then you will strengthen your muscles and be able to burn more calories without causing too much stress on your joints.

If you want a safe choice of using these ankle/wrist weights, then you should incorporate them with exercises that are performed under water such as water aerobics. These weights will push your body to the extra mile to work harder but will still provide a far less risk of harsh stress on your joints.

The best advice that you can heed when using the ankle/wrist weights is to always put yourself on the side of caution. If it carries pains and aches to your wrist or ankles then it’s a clear sign that you have think over its usage. Just to be safe, you can consult with your doctor first regarding your usage of these weights before you incorporate it with any physical activity.