Building Your Own Home Gym. Equipment That You Should Buy

Are you one of the many people that always thought about building your own home gym but didn’t know how to, thought it would be to expensive or take up too much space? Read on to find out what you’ll need in your personal gym at home and how you can build it on a budget!

Having your own gym at home is a great way to go and will surely provide you with lots of benefits. The first benefit is that you don’t have to drive somewhere just to workout. The second benefit is that you will save money from travel expenses and gym memberships. Surely you will spend some money for your home gym but think of it as a long term investment and you will be able to work out for free for a very long time. Lastly, you will enjoy your workout session all by yourself. You won’t have any distractions, workout as much as you want and don’t have to wait for others to finish using certain equipment.

This article will provide you with an in-depth look of the different equipment needed and list approximate costs

A Table of Different Home Gym Equipment Available

This table lists the ideal home gym equipment and a brief comparison of each one.

PictureNamePurposePrice RangeNotes
valor olympic weight benchAdjustable BenchAll in one chest workouts. The bench can be used for many other exercises as well and is essential for any gym$100-$500If you buy a weight bench set it usually comes with the weights and bar.
Select TechnologyAdjustable Dumbbells By buying adjustable dumbbells you save a ton of space. Most people don't have space in their home gyms for different weight sets$200-$500The dumbbells can be used for a variety of exercises training almost every muscle in your body
image of Fitness Gear Pro Half RackSmith MachineThe Smith machine allows for a ton of exercises including squats and doesn't take up too much space either$300-$900Combine it with an adjustable weight bench to bench press without buying the full olympic set.
Chin-up barPull-Up BarIt's cheap and doesn't take up any space but makes for a great upper body workout$20-$80Many Smith Machines include a pull-up bar
workout matGym MatCheap but essential. The Gym mat will make it easy to do different body weight exercises$10-$25Make sure you pay attention to the thickness of the mat. Many are too thin
Concept2 Model DCardio EquipmentIt doesn't matter what kind of Cardio Equipment you use but you will need some!$150-$1000Choose whatever cardio machine you prefer. Many types are foldable

The table is still incomplete and will get updated regularly


More about the Home Gym Equipment

Now that you have a brief idea about the gym equipment that you should buy, it’s time to learn about its purpose and the recommended one for that category. Read through this portion of the article to find that out.


Bench Press

The bench press is an equipment that exercises your chest or pectoral muscles. Additionally, it also works on the triceps and the small muscles in the upper back area of your shoulders and arms. You should know that the bench comes in different forms namely the flat, inclined and declined bench. Depending on the type of bench press, you will be putting focus on a particular area in your muscles especially the chest.
A bench press is considered to be ideal gym equipment for home use because of its size and space efficiency. Also, if you are thorough enough, then you will be able to find bench presses that come with extra features wherein it can be used to train other parts of the body and that will surely save you lots of money.

Recommended Bench Press:

image of Fitness Gear Pro Olympic Bench

  • Fitness Gear Pro Olympic Bench – This is made of a heavy-duty steel frame and has 22 adjustment levels. It is designed to last for a very long time. The Fitness Gear Pro will provide an extra wide, reinforced connector plates, and flanged feet that are ideal to withstand your strength training.


Smith Machine

This machine will provide you with the same benefits as you would on a traditional squat exercise but the difference is that you won’t have to burden the heavy weight on your back. It serves as risk-free equipment that won’t put any unnecessary stress and pressure towards your spine. You can say that novice users will do well with this machine because they have little or no room for errors.

For a home gym, this machine will also work well if you pair it with a bench. Apart from doing squats, you can also do some bench press exercises on it and it will be easier to do for novice users because of its guiding mechanism. And if it has hooks, you can attach the bars on a level high enough until you can use it for pull-ups or chin-ups. You can say that this machine can serve multiple exercises and it is truly a space saver for a home gym.


Recommend Smith Machine:

image of Fitness Gear Pro Half Rack

  • Fitness Gear Pro Half Rack – This equipment will take your training to the next level. It has a heavy-duty, multi-functional steel frame that can support up to 600 lbs. and can provide you with 28 levels of adjustability. It is specifically designed for power lifters and it will maximize your training with the help of the multiple grip positions. There are also 6 horizontal posts on it which can be used for storing the weight plates.


Lat Pull-Down

The lat pull-down works on your latissimus dorsi muscles or the muscles that run on the sides of your back. To work this machine, you have to pull down the bar until it is leveled on the front side of your shoulders. Just remember to execute it on the front side of your head to avoid developing shoulder impingement syndrome.

If you want equipment that targets most of your upper back, then you need to have this for your home gym. It doesn’t take up too much space and you can perform different forms of exercises with it as well. You can also change the bar with other grips to execute a much different focused exercise for your back.


Recommended Lat Pull-Down:

image of Yukon Fitness Competitor Lat Pulldown & Low Row CLM-150

  • Yukon Fitness Competitor Lat Pulldown & Low Row CLM-150 – This lat machine by Yukon Fitness is a great to develop your laterals and your upper back muscles. It comes as a 2-in-1 machine wherein both of them are perfect hitters for your back. The frictionless weight slider performs quietly on the frame while the diamond ribbed footplate will maintain the right biomechanical angle when you perform low-row exercises. Apart from the back, this machine can help you a lot in working your biceps and triceps. This will surely last a while for fitness-minded individuals who are on a budget.


7ft Olympic Barbell

The barbell is all-around equipment that can be used for any type of weight lifting exercises that you can think of. If you want a standard length, a 7ft bar is the best way to go especially if you have a power rack. The Olympic Barbell is probably the most preferred by a lot of fitness enthusiasts and it goes best with Olympic Plates. By combining these two, you are set to perform different weight-lifting exercises such as deadlifts, squats and bench presses.

You can definitely say that this is ideal to have for your home gym. Apart from being multi-functional, it is also not much of a bother when it comes to space. It only resembles a simple metal bar wherein it can be easily stored or you can simply mount it on top of a power rack. So you can definitely say that with this equipment, you are a step closer to having a complete set of machines for your home gym.


Recommended Olympic Barbell:

image of The Rogue Bar 2.0

  • The Rogue Bar 2.0 – You can say that this is the next generation of Olympic bars. The Rogue Bar represents the highest precision in engineering that offers a wide range of new features which includes the stronger 190ksi steel, CNC-machined groove sleeves with customized color bands and durable composite bushings. It can go best with any machine you can think of that incorporates barbells on it.


Olympic Dumbbells

Apart from barbells, a standard gym equipment that you need to own are dumbbells. This fitness equipment is so useful in helping you train a particular muscle group one at a time. It will help you provide focus on that area alone, especially if you are looking forward to developing your strength.

For a home gym, purchasing a whole set can be a bit costly. If you want, you can purchase them one at a time and focus on buying the ones that can match up to your current fitness level. As for the space, these things doesn’t take too much of it and they can be easily organized if you have a rack built for them. It will be really helpful for a variety of exercises so you can say that it is one of the must have equipment.


Recommended Olympic Dumbbells:

image of Body Power Olympic Dumbbell Handle

  • Body Power Olympic Dumbbell Handle – There’s no doubt that this is the most functional and heavy-duty dumbbells on the market today. If you are into the strength conditioning program, this Body Power dumbbell handle will cooperate well with you. This is ideal for workouts that require a variety of exercises like the chest, biceps, triceps, etc.



Using a kettlebell is an efficient method of working out and can be used, especially for cardiovascular exercise and weight training. It will allow you to train your body in bursts of intensity, short duration swings and lifts. Depending on the weight, you will increase the difficulty of each swing thus increasing your strength in the process.

You will definitely need this for your home gym, especially if you are looking to intensify your training from time to time. It is small and compact so there’s no doubt that it won’t take up too much space in the room. Also, you will love having this equipment around because it can help you perform a variety of exercises without the use of machines.


Recommended Kettlebells:

image of Rogue Kettlebells

  • Rogue Kettlebells – The Rogue Kettlebell is made from the finest, premium iron. It undergoes a proprietary casting process to ensure that the balls will be molded into the finest quality and have a clean, finished result. Another thing to note about the casting is that everything in the Rogue Kettlebell is done in a single casting which ensures that the handle is more durable and more reliable. It certainly won’t slip off your hands and you can guarantee its durability.


Cardio Equipment

Before you perform your workout for the day, you need to have proper cardio to help loosen your muscles and prepare for the intense training that you’re about to endure. It is also good for strengthening the heart and dropping body fat. This equipment category can have different kinds and it will all depend on which one can deliver the most intense cardiovascular training for you. You can choose from bikes, treadmills, ellipticals or even outdoor cardio workouts, just as long as you’re burning your body up to the point where you can feel the intensity.

Depending on how much space you have in your room, you can just skip this one if you want because you can also do some jogging or running outside your house. That is of course if it’s always a good day to go outside. But if you’re not a fan of outdoors and have ample space inside your house, then you can consider the option of buying a cardio equipment. Just make sure to consider the one that won’t cramp up too much space in your house.


Recommended Cardio Equipment:

image of NordicTrack C900 Treadmill

  • NordicTrack C900 Treadmill – This is a treadmill that is ideal for home-use and will provide you with the power, control and convenience that you are looking for in every workout. It can also do a 15% inclination which surely is a useful feature for intense fitness enthusiasts. You will feel safe using this NordicTrack treadmill because of the 4 sets of cushioning that will help reduce the impact on your joints. It can also relieve any pressure that you’re inflicting on your knees and back. The space saver design definitely makes it a must have for the at-home gym goer.



By all means, a home gym is a perfect way to do your workout. The benefits are endless and there’s no reason for you not to do your daily workout routine. You might say that it can be a bit costly at first but reassure that once you have purchased everything you need, you will surely feel proud about the investment that you just made. Just keep in mind that doing your workout at home can have its risks as well so it would be ideal to have a spotter around to help you out. But nevertheless, as long as you’re careful in executing your workout routine, a home gym surely is worth your every penny.

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