Top 5 Olympic Weight Benches

There are different types of weight benches and the Olympic weight bench is just one of them. Utilized at the Olympic level and professional athletes in working out, this type is durable and efficient that’s built from high quality materials. The Olympic weight bench is designed to apply more stress and pressure to the muscles, allowing for better muscle development. With the various brands and manufacturers, it’s difficult to choose the best one for you.


Here are the top 5 Olympic Weight Benches that you can get:


Adidas Olympic Weight Bench

Made from heavy duty material, the Adidas Olympic Weight Bench is certainly designed to go a long way and for the most demanding workout that you could accomplish. This boasts a sturdy main support column that’s built to withstand even the most rigorous of workouts. It also ensures a support of 600 pounds – something that ordinary products aren’t capable of.adidas olympic weight bench

This model comes with a 7-slot bar holder that’s built for barbells and to train the muscles on your upper body without having to scramble out of the weight bench to do the lifting. The slots are made from strong steel plates, allowing the barbell to be carried with such ease and durability that can last for many years to come.

This equipment also comes with a leg exerciser for leg presses to help you get those leg muscles working. These leg weights come with thick and comfortable pads that provide a firm hold on your legs and prevent slipping as you carry on with your leg presses. And since the seat and backrest are designed to be easily adjustable depending on the kind of exercise that you do, you don’t have to worry about difficult positions or adjusting yourself when changing the type of exercise that you’ll be doing.

But the most unique feature of this product is its main support column. Not only is it made from the most durable materials, it also comes with a unique 40-degree inclination. This makes it a lot easier in carrying the barbell and then putting it back in place in any case you have any problem in gripping it. On top of that, you won’t have to worry about standing up or sitting up whenever you decide to work on your leg muscles since this weight bench is designed to keep you comfortable in whatever kind of workout that you do.

Functionality is what the Adidas bench is after and that’s where it provides the best quality. Made from the most durable materials, this product is designed to handle demanding workout regimens. If you’re looking for a good weight bench, then you won’t go wrong choosing this one.


Marcy Diamond Surge Bench

marcy diamond olympic weight benchOut of the various products on this list, Marcy Diamond Surge Bench promotes one feature that often seems to be overlooked by many brands of weight benches in the market – versatility. While Olympic weight benches are designed for advanced exercise regimen and deliver more pressure to the body to allow maximum muscle growth, this weight bench boasts in its functionality because you just don’t get one but two exercise equipment that will help you get more muscle when you make use of this equipment. This ensures that you get the workout that you need from top to bottom, making sure that all your muscles are at work for optimum growth and development.

This product features a sturdy main support column from high grade steel that ensures its durability. The support column also has a 40-degree incline like the Adidas Olympic Weight Bench and the seat is covered with thick padding to serve as cushion to your back whenever you lift weights. The top layer of the upholstery is also moist resistant and has a double-stitch which increases its durability, allowing it to withstand the most extensive of workouts without breaking apart.

A pair of bar holders comes with this exercise tool wherein the lower pair of bar holders is longer than the other. This serves as a safety catcher in any case you feel the need of putting the weight down without having to worry about the bar hitting your face. This feature is incredibly useful for those who don’t have spotters whenever they workout and lift barbells when working out.

Aside from the padded leg extenders, this model also has built-in preacher curls wherein both come with the weight bench as an optional add-on and can be easily installed or detached. A plate holder can also be found at the foot of the bench which is another neat feature. Overall, this is a good equipmentthat comes at a reasonable price. With its add-ons like the leg extender and preacher curl pads, it’s certainly something to watch out for.


Valor Athletics Pro with Spotter

valor olympic weight benchThe Olympic weight bench is designed to get the best out of your muscles and let you feel the burn to get the buffer body that you’re aiming for. When it comes to power, the weight of the bench that you’re using is important and using a lightweight bench could only bear meager results that won’t let you have the muscles that you’re looking for. But that’s where the Valor Athletics Olympic Bench Pro with Spotter excels in – by giving you more weight to let your muscles grow better.

This exercise equipment features a durable steel frame that utilizes 11-gauge steel parts in the stress points while 12-gauge steel parts are used for the supporting joints. With the high density steel used in the frame, the durability of this weight bench is assured, making it withstand an extensive amount of workout of almost any kind. The frame is built to be incredibly stable, letting you exercise without having to worry about the bench toppling over. The bench is equipped with thick cushion pads designed to be damage resistant while promoting utmost comfort as you work out.

Durable striker plates also come with this product to provide a safe catch for your bar after you finish your weight repetitions. This provides a safe alternative for those who choose to workout even without a spotter. On top of that, a diamond steel plate spotter stand is available for your workout partner in any case you decide to work with a spotter. Lastly, no need to worry about the scrapes because this product also comes with rubber base caps to prevent marring on the seat.

Capable of holding as much as 500 pounds, this equipment is an impressive piece of work. It boasts being made from durable materials and also has safety measures equipped with the frame. If you’re looking for a sturdy and long-lasting Olympic weight bench, then this model by Valor Athletics might just be the one you’re looking for.


Body Solid with Leg Developer

Body Solid Olympic Weight BenchVersatility is something most people look for when it comes to choosing new fitness equipment While most gyms provide different weight benches, it’s highly inefficient to buy them all for home, if you can buy one that provides the functions of many. Another versatile weight bench coming into the mix is the Body Solid Olympic Bench with a Leg Developer or the Body Solid PowerCenter Combo Bench.

This is an all-in-one product that combines an incline-, decline- and flat bench, with a shoulder press and leg developer in one big package. Providing a variety of equipment in one frame, you can do several types of exercises in your own home with this workout bench. Designed from high quality steel frames that provide a sturdy balance and capability to carry a great amount of weight, you can be certain that you can get the most out of working out with the Body Solid Olympic Bench.

The telescoping uprights provide a safety grip to hold the bar of the barbell in place whenever you do bench exercises in various positions that you choose. This equipment also boasts an easily adjustable back seat from DuraFirm that promotes utmost comfort with its thick cushion while you work out. With the 6-position capability of the seat, you can adjust it depending on the type of muscles that you’ll be working on. While other people may worry about the stability of the Body Solid Olympic Bench because of its easy adjustability, the heavy 12-gauge frames provide a stable hold of the bench.

On top of everything else, the product also has a 6-roller leg curl that lets you work on your leg muscles while still maintaining comfort with the padded foam rollers. Aside from that you can also purchase and add optional stations like the preacher curl station and the lat pull-down, low pulley station to work on specific muscle areas.

From the several options available, the Body Solid Olympic Bench gives you a lot of choices on what muscles that you want to work on. It comes with an easy adjustable seat that would depend on the type of workout regimen that you’ll be taking part in. If you’re looking for a sturdy but easily adjustable  weight bench, then this weight bench gives you several options to choose from.


Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench

body champ olympic weight benchUsing this Olympic weight bench allows you to do heavy duty workout sessions that maximize muscle gain and improving your physique’s tone. There are certainly a lot of options out there but only a few are actually capable of handling the demand of this type of exercise, especially for advanced users. But here comes Body Champ and provides heavy duty equipment to help you gain more muscle.

This equipment provides the right amount of weight and lets you perform chest presses, leg lifts and military presses, as well as giving you everything that a weight bench should do. Equipped with a heavy duty frame, this product can handle even the most demanding exercise regimen without having to worry about breaking apart. It is equipped with a dual-action leg developer that lets you work on the muscles of your legs and improve tone and strength while promoting comfort with leg rollers and foams to let you focus on your workout. Feel free to adjust the cushioned backrest depending on your training – either flat, incline, decline, and military positions. On top of that, safety is ensured with the safety hook and non-pinch grip that comes along with this weight bench.

Heavy duty is the name of the game and that’s what this equipment gives you. With its steel frame, you can be sure that it’s sturdy and durable, lasting for years on out. If you’re looking for a tank in workout equipment, this might just be the thing for you.



olympic weight bench

Olympic weight benches are design to be more advanced compared to other workout benches, bringing in a wider weight range to gain more muscle. There are certainly a lot of brands to choose from, making it even more confusing on which ones to get. The products featured on this list has garnered positive reviews from customers, assuring the best quality. If you want to get the most out of your workout regimen, then one of the choices above is certainly the right way to go.