The Top 5 Adjustable Weight Benches in 2015

Adjustable weight benches are one of the most essential tools when it comes to promoting muscle growth. In fact, you never see a gym without one. But with the various brands nowadays, it can be difficult to pick one that’s high quality and suits your needs. To help you out we compiled the list of the best ones below.


Here are our Top 5 Adjustable Weight Benches in 2015:


1. Legend 3-Way Utility Adjustable Weight Bench

Trusted by many and utilized by several people who are on their journey towards a fit and buffer physique, this weight bench has built a strong foundation of reliability and trust among its customers. In fact, you might have probably seen this weight bench if you’ve been to a gym already. Being one of the most commonly seen weight benches in a lot of gyms, this equipment is one of the most reliable ones in the market.

The Legend brand has been out for quite some time and this exercise equipment is one of the most versatile and durable weight benches out in the market today. One of the strong points is, that it’s aesthetically pleasing and comfortable at the same time. That’s why a lot of gyms worldwide decide to purchase it and allow their members to use this kind of quality bench. This product comes in different colors ranging from red, blue and green to black, pink and silver. And it’s not just the padding; the frames also come in many different colors as well.

Bench from legend

While it can be quite pricey at $649.00, it’s still within the same price range as many comparable products available in the market today. In fact, some other options are even more expensive but provide little quality to help you in working on your muscles. But that’s where this product comes in since you are given the best when it comes to the amount of adjustments that a weight bench has to offer, letting you work on different sets of muscles and letting you turn it into a flat bench, an incline bench or a decline bench with ease and convenience that’s set in comfortable angles for different types of exercises.

Furthermore, the Legend 3-Way Utility Weight Bench comes with both wheels and handles, making it easy for you to move it around your home and set it where you’re most comfortable working out and then storing it away once you’re done. Truly, it’s one of the handiest products around that you can buy. Regardless of you’re buying this for your gym or for your own use at home, you won’t have to worry since this weight bench is one of the best investments that you’ll make.


2. Body-Solid Powerline Flat/Incline/Decline Folding Adjustable Weight Bench

When it comes to quality, sometimes you don’t need to complicate things. May it be in style or design, a straightforward approach when it comes to workout equipment is never a bad thing. Simple is the best and that’s where the Body-Solid Powerline Adjustable Weight Bench comes in.

This equipment is a good example of a weight bench that’s the best for many gyms that are still starting out, a product for your own home or if you’re trying to stay within a tight budget. Coming at around $200 and less, this product is one of the best in the market while maintaining a reasonable price compared to its competition. However, by no means does that tell that this equipment is of low quality.


This model comes with a total of seven adjustment positions that lets you work on different sets of muscles. It lets you work on your chest, legs, arms and shoulders by going into several different positions that include flat, decline, incline and even an almost vertical position. Perfect for dumbbell workouts, this is as simple as it goes, providing you with what you need without any complications. The Body-Solid Powerline Weight Bench is also equipped with wheels that lets you transport it out in case you need to use it and easily stow it away once you’re done working out, making it one of the lightest and most affordable weight benches in the market.


3. Ironmaster Super Bench

With a modern design among the other options on the list, the Ironmaster Super Bench Weight Bench looks different because of its minimalistic and modern feel. This model lets you turn any room into a fitness center with its measurements as well as easy storage and control with its wheels at the bottom. The Ironmaster lets you adjust it into six different positions to work on different muscles, giving you more flexibility in your workouts.


The frame of this workout bench is made from heavy duty steel that gives stability and durability, making it last for several years and even compete with heavier types of weight benches. On top of that, it is also equipped with thick padding that provides comfort while you exercise. Among the several options in the market, the Ironmaster Super Bench Adjustable Weight Bench stands in the middle, providing great quality but maintaining a reasonable price.


4. Rogue Adjustable Weight Bench

Coming from one of the best makers in weights is a high quality product that boasts durability and versatility. The Rogue Adjustable Weight Bench is a top notch weight bench that gives you comfort and stability along with its durable frame that can certainly handle a lot of stress and weight, making it last for several years and withstand almost any kind of rigorous exercise you might put it through.

It comes with a padded seat that provides a thick cushion to ensure comfort and stability while you work out. Since it’s made from the best materials, it won’t easily tear and become worn out even several years after purchase. With its 2-inch thickness, you won’t have trouble in enduring the hard steel frame that can accidentally strike bone and muscle, causing a lot of pain and breaking your concentration as you exercise.


As a high quality product, this exercise equipment is easily controlled and manipulated, turning it into a flat, incline or decline workout bench that allows you to perform a variety of exercises and work on specific muscle groups and at any angle that you want. Made from heavy duty steel frames, you can be sure that it can handle any type of demanding exercise and workout regimen you might put it through. This also comes with wheels to easily movie it around and conveniently store it anywhere in your house and bring it out anywhere you’re comfortable in working out. But don’t fret if you’re worried about slipping, this weight bench is also equipped with rubber feet to prevent sliding so rest assured that you won’t go veering off accidentally while you work out.

While it comes as a bit pricey when compared to other products, this equipment is made from the highest quality of materials that a weight bench can utilize. This makes the Rogue model versatile and resistant to wear and tear damage that may come over the course of several years. It comes as no surprise that this weight bench is one of the best in the industry since it was made by one of the best companies in the business.


5. XMark Fitness Commercial Rated Adjustable Weight Bench

A weight bench is no joke when it comes to space. Of course, it belongs to the big rig equipment around the gym so you need to invest a lot of space and it won’t just fit easily if you’re planning on cramming it in a small living room for your workout sessions. While size can be an issue, there are still some light weight benches that can let you save space and that’s just where the XMark Fitness Adjustable Dumbbell Weight Bench does best.

This equipment is the perfect tool for you if you’re planning to save up space or you don’t have enough space at home to purchase those big and heavy duty types. This workout bench works best for gyms that don’t have much space for equipment and can easily be stored or brought out as needed. But while this may look lightweight, don’t be deceived since this is a heavy duty weight bench that can provide a ton of help in your workout sessions.


Because of its design, it is actually a lot less expensive compared to other weight benches but that doesn’t mean its quality wanes when it comes to performance. The XMark is equipped with levers that will let you individually position it in many different angles for working on different sets of muscles. It offers seven adjustments of the ladder that allows you to work in the decline to military positions as well.

This equipment also comes with a thick 3-inch Duracraft cushions that provide a comfortable feel when you recline or sit down while you do several kinds of exercise. Aside from that, the vinyl is made from Duraguard, making it resistant to tearing and moisture and letting it last for several years to come. But because of its sheer capability to handle as much as 1,500 pounds of weight, this workout bench is an incredible work of art. If you’re looking for a good investment of a light weight bench while at the same time allowing you to save some space, whether it’s in the gym or at home, then the XMark Fitness Commercial Rated Dumbbell Weight Bench is just the right choice.



There are a lot of weight benches that you can buy in the market today but only a few provide great quality and let you work on your muscles. Sure, it can be intimidating to choose one since it’s a big investment but these are some of the best adjustable weight benches that you can get, helping you towards your goal of a buffer physique.