The Top 5 Rowing Machines in 2015

Rowing machines offer some of the most effective ways to burn calories and build muscle being used at the recreational and professional level alike. If you are interested in buying an ergometer then be sure to read our review of the Top 5 Rowing Machines in 2015 below!


1. Concept Model D

Concept2 Model DWhy is the Concept Model D one of the best-selling ergometers in the market today? That is because of the good performance and the satisfying results that it gives to those who have used it. This was classified as a standard for all of the indoor rowing machines by those who are competitive rowers.

There is a PM3 Performance Monitor that will accurately measure and track the distance that you have rowed, your pace and speed, the watts that you are using and the calories that you have already burned. The monitor of the allows you to operate the machine using the menus that are displayed in there. The menus will lead you to a list of helpful features that will help make working out easier and even more enjoyable.

The list of the features includes different languages, preset of the workout and favorite workouts. There are also animated rowers that can teach you a technique on how you can use the machine even more effectively and there are even games that you can play to distract you from the exercise that you are doing.

If you need motivation and a reason to keep on doing your workout, you might find in in the online challenges that are brought to you by Concept2. When it comes to the physical features of this product, it has a sliding seat that is very smooth and very easy to use during your workout, even when you are already aching all over and may already have some injuries, your exercise will be made easier for you by this seat. You will also not hear that much noise from this machine while you are using it because it was designed to be as noiseless as possible – we all know how distracting sounds can be, especially when you are trying to concentrate on exercising.

The handle and the footrest of this product was designed ergonomically to ensure you maximum safety and easy while performing your exercises, a wide range of shoe sizes can fit into the foot rest of the rowing machine. The handle of the machine has a ten degree bend that will allow you to row while your hands are in a normal position. It also has a durable construction so you will feel secured while using the machine. Just be warned that this is ten feet long and might cause some discomfort for some users. This machine is also very easy to use and the track is also made with stainless steel to keep you comfortable while using it.


2. ProRower H2O RX-750 Home Series

RX-750 rower by H2OIf you really enjoy rowing and is getting serious with it, then the ProRower H2O RX-750 Home Series might just be what you are waiting for. This product shows just how innovative the manufacturer is for it uses a Hydro Power Drive system to make you feel that you are really rowing. It copies the dynamics that happens when an actual rowing occurs so the water  acts as the source of the resistance. If you want your workout to be even more intense, you are going to need to row faster. But if you want a chill workout that is just slow and steady, then you can row slower.

You don’t have to add any kind of mechanical adjustments on the machine, the natural adaptive resistance that is offered by the water that is in the system of this rowing machine will give you all of the pushback that you are going to need. The kind of workout that you are going to get from this will not be that stressful at all, it will be surprisingly relaxing to you because you will feel like you are really in the water.

The quality and the built of this ProRower is good and steady. It has a weight capacity that reaches up to 150 kilograms or 350 pounds. It is also very easy to move this ergometer around and keep in storage when you are not using it. Its frame is very durable and is strongly built and it has a warranty that can last as long a lifetime. You can adjust to the pace of the rowing experience that you want and the level of resistance that you want to be applied while you are exercising.

Some of the drawbacks compared to the Concept D that was mentioned in this list is that its monitor and menu features are not that impressive. There will also be some noise that you are going to hear while using the machine because of the water in its system.

3. Stamina 1215 Orbital

Stamina 1215 ErgometerUsing the Stamina 1215, you are going to experience a full range of motion row. It has padded seats that are gliding on a ball has a roller system. This will mimic and give you a feeling that you are rowing in water while exercising with it. You can adjust the amount of resistance that you are going to receive. You will also feel very comfortable while working out because the grip of the machine has foam to help keep your hands stay in position in a stable way.

If you have very limited space to spare for your work out, that is not a problem with the 1215 rowing machine because chances are, it can fit that small area. It has a fitness monitor that will help you keep track of the improvements that you are making and if you are already getting closer to your fitness goal. The monitor will show you the speed, time and distance that you have already rowed. The monitor will also show your stroke count and how much calories you have burned.

The rowing arms of the machine can be folded, making it easy to store. The seat is thick and is padded to make you feel comfortable all throughout the duration of your exercise. The tension controls are adjustable and the beam incline can be inclined to make your work out even more intense. For added comfort, especially in the lower extremity of the body, you can pivot the foot plates.

The Stamina 1215 gives us a very smooth and satisfactory performance. It uses a hydraulic system which has a hydraulic cylinder that makes the machine run and provide good quality resistance.


3. Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower

Velocity ErgometerThis product by Velocity Exercise makes use of a magnetic system to provide resistance – the usual resistance in a rowing machine is created by water or air but this is a new one which uses a magnetic resistance. There are eight levels of resistance in this working machine which could be adjusted in the machine’s monitor; you just have to press the up or down button to adjust it. You can begin on the setting which gives the least resistance and work your way up until you reach the level eight this way, you can work on your exercise step by step.

In terms of the quality of the buildup of the machine and its durability, the built looks fine and is made with good quality materials. The seat has pads to make it more comfortable for the user and it is also equipped with a sliding seat facility. If you buy this rowing machine, anyone in the family can exercise with this, you can adjust its foot rest so that it can accommodate people with different height.

The machine has a monitor that is located at its base. That monitor has five buttons that when pressed, can perform a lot of functions. It can show you data like the time, count up, your pulse rate, strokes that you have made and distance that you have already reached. The screen is large and has blue backlight to make it easier for the user to see it and to read what is shown in it. You can see the data clearly and easily in the monitor. It is also equipped with a motion sensor that can detect your rowing motion.


5. Kettler Favorit Rowing Machine

Kettler Favorit ErgometerOne of the many reasons that this rowing machine is included in this list is because of its advanced features and amazing technology. Some of the most advanced features are in the installed program of this rowing machine which allows its users to have full control on the settings of the machines when using it. You can be in charge of the speed and stroke rate of the machine. You can adjust the setting according to the level that you can handle.

Another amazing thing about the Kettler Favorit is that it has not only one but two hydraulic cylinders, which means there is more resistance while you are rowing. More resistance means that you burn even more calories. The screen or the monitor on the machine will also show you the progress that you have done, the calories that you have burned, the speed, the distance and the time that you have spent on the machine. So with just a glance at that monitor, you can see your progress and it can help inspire you.

The built of this particular ergometer is also very good. Its frame is made from aluminum and steel to make sure that it can hold weight steady and last for a very long time. The seats are padded and it also has ball bearing rollers to make sure that the sliding of rowers will be very efficient. After a few hours of exercise and sitting on the machine, you will be surprised not to feel any pain or discomfort.

A feature of the KettlerFavorit that is unique is the ear piece that can be used to monitor your heart rate while exercising.